Our Beliefs

People tend to compete with one another, fighting like there is a scarcity of resources. Fighting for a better job title, for having a better car than your neighbor. This relates to the ego construct, a way of living where there is fear of losing what you have, and there is fear of not being able to obtain what you need since you must fight with other people.

But our souls want and need a union. Our souls were once together at the beginning of times when the universe created our souls. We tend to socialize with other people since we, our souls, need a union. We are our souls. We are not our minds that are related to the ego that requires us to live in fear and in fight mode.

If we raise our conscience, if we vibrate higher, it will make us visualize that we are all one, we are all connected, we are all souls longing to share experiences, enjoy our times together, and spread love to one another.

Some people live their lives as if resources were scarce. They think there is not enough, and they need to fight hard in order to obtain the few resources to have a happy life. Only a few can go to university, only a few can get good jobs, etc….

But the reality is that there is abundance. The universe is constantly sending us signals on what we should create, to bring to earth the kingdom of the heavens. As above, so below. If in heaven there are divine realities, on the earth we have the same divine realities, the new creations waiting for us to manifest.

We only need to tune to the channel, start receiving great ideas, believe in those ideas, and work on them with a balance between our mind and our heart, the doing and the being.

These ideas will be transformed into digital creations that will help other people to evolve and grow as human beings.

We can be abundant in money, material items, relationships, love, and friendships.

You need to be the water, my friend.

You need to adapt to life as water adapts through stones, with no resistance. You need to listen to the universe and start creating a flow of ideas and manifestation, without creating any resistance to what needs to be done.

The objective is not the destination. The objective is to walk your journeys and enjoy walking those journeys. Jump into the river and stop thinking, wherever it takes you, will be a good destination.

Stop thinking about time tracking your tasks, and planning to force your digital creations on a certain date. Those creations will come at divine timing, the timing of enjoying the flow. Be happy being the water.

Fear is a by-product of the ego. When we incarnate in the earth, we forget about our past lives and this ignorance leads to a great fear to survive in a hostile world.

When we realize that we don’t need to fight as hard with our neighbors, we acknowledge there is abundance, and embrace the heart base conscience, then we start to become fearless.

It is a slow process of raising our conscience, vibrating higher, and little by little a little becomes a lot.

Slowly but surely, we start removing our fears as we start creating from the heart.

One of the worst aspects of the ego conscience is judging others and ourselves.

Sometimes we don’t even realize we are doing that. For us, it might be simply our opinion about some issue, but sometimes that opinion comes with the judgment of other people. Those judgments can hurt other people and worsen our relationship with them and be less connected with them.

Our rituals allow these judgments to be replaced with respectful comments since we are embracing the heart conscience, and we increase the love with one another.

Generally, these judgments are related to fear, which is also related to the egoistic mind. We judge because we fear losing our own identities, linked to our ego.

There are many ways to grow.

Companies nowadays generally grow by raising capital funding and spending that capital on advertising or other lead-generation techniques. This is the capital-based model. This model is not having the individual at its core. These companies may need to hire many people, and from time-to-time fire other people as well. Everything is related to raising capital to grow, which leads to raising more capital, and getting into a spiral of crazy growth and raising capital.

We believe there is a better way.

Companies can grow through collaboration, where other people help in bringing leads to your company. These people take the role of awareness evangelizers, that raise awareness about your brand. They will take a share of the income of your products or services. They are believers in your brand, so they love the idea that your brand exists and help other people through your products and services.

You can use advertising as well and other marketing techniques, although in “Love Achiever” companies, efficiency is key, so funnels would convert well, and also we make use of our affiliate networks often, since we love to distribute the income we generate.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

This simple principle will help you be empathic to other people, and to realize what are the results of your opinions, your judgments, and your actions, and make sure none of those will hurt other human being.

Our rituals will help you identify that you are not treating others fairly, even if you are not conscient about it.

We, humans, are not robots or machines. We have a soul, a body, and a mind.

Companies sometimes may think that we are machines, and they focus on high productivity. This involves high stress and very long hours of work. They treat humans as robots, where only high productivity is welcomed.

We are more evolved than robots since we have a soul and can be connected to the universe. This spiritual side of us, humans, makes us able to channel great ideas, help, and love other people on anything related to our products.

We are superior to robots and machines indeed, because of our ability to love, and because we have a heart that can love other humans and be connected to other souls and the universe.

When you start your digital company, you start thinking about the products and services you will offer, you visualize how your products will be.

Currently, you need to fully believe that those products already exist, you need to manifest them in the now. You need to stop thinking that in the future those products will exist since the future does not exist. Only the now exists.

You and your team need to be believers in the now of what you are creating. You also need to attract your evangelists, which are high believers as well, and will help you in attracting new clients and helping them use your product.

You and your believers only need to feel in your hearts that you want to create your dreams, and in this 3D dimension, after some time, will happen. You need to ask the universe and it shall be given to you.

For this to happen, you need to focus on getting in your center, so you have stillness, and ask the universe for your dreams. Then you need to work on your creation, but since you focused on “being”, instead of massive action, this being will make the universe bring your dreams to come true in divine timing. You already created these products in the 5D dimension.

You need to focus on doing, but with some balance, since by doing too much, you stop being, and you lose connection with your soul and your heart, which is what you need to ask the universe for your dreams to come true.

By this massive believing instead of massive doing, you also make that the creation resides in the collective subconscious mind of your believers, which influences your creation to come true and be successful. Everything is connected.

Generally, in other companies, people use their minds to create products. For certain activities, like coding and others, the mind is the perfect tool to create products.

For other activities, like having great ideas, great inspiration, and intuition, we don’t use our minds, but our soul, our higher self, which connects to other dimensions to channel those ideas into the 3D. As Plato mentioned, this is the world of ideas.

These ideas are the key factor of differentiation of your products, it is what will have a wow effect on other people. Therefore, the biggest value of your products comes from intuition. Intuition is a spiritual activity that is related to the third eye and channeling skills with other dimensions. You will need to have stillness and get into your center, for those ideas to be downloaded into you.

You only need to ask for it the universe in the stillness mode, to receive great ideas, and inspiration and decide which ideas will be great to apply with your intuition.

We need to be connected with the universe to create from the heart.

We need to connect with nature, and with other people, and respect and enjoy sharing time with animals. All these creations are coming from the universe, and we need to connect with them to allow energies to flow and manifest our digital creations.

This connection with everything is felt by our intuition, our third eye, and creates a divine balance to make digital creations from the heart.

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