Love Achieving for Digital Companies



Love Achieving for Digital Companies

Your entry point to learning how to become a love achiever to be more abundant, happy, and free with your digital company.

This introductory 7-day program will give you the tools needed to unleash the power of the universe to be more abundant and happier with your digital company. You will learn about the power of love and how to apply its force to have better-motivated teams and more satisfied clients. The program is self-service. You will receive the lessons in your email and complete them whenever possible.

Is It for Me?

You are the right person to become a love achiever if you value the power of love and spirituality to enhance your abilities to become a better person and have an extra force to fuel your dreams and projects.

Becoming a love achiever is right for you if you believe in the power of love, in your passions, and how working aligned with your passion makes you accomplish extraordinary things.

If you are:

  • An entrepreneur raising your company having a small team starting to create and distribute a software product.
  • A digital creator that creates images and videos that needs to unleash the power of the universe to move to the next level.
  • A solo entrepreneur starting a software product aligned with your dreams and passions that needs to learn more about building your company and embracing love and spirituality to be more successful.
  • A business owner with a software company that wants to apply the benefits of spirituality and love to have a more productive company, with your team more motivated and your clients happier.

Your Future

After completing the 7-day coaching program to learn how to become a love achiever, you will have:


Understood the Power of the Laws of the Universe

You will understand how to apply the millennial laws of the universe to help you create a better company that better serves your clients in solving their problems.


Been Empowered by Love

You will learn how to be free from the ego construct to embrace the heart-based conscience and benefit you, your employees, and your clients by being more abundant, happy, and free.


Prepared a Plan for Attracting New Clients

You will learn how to have a sales affiliate network, SEO plan, social media plan, and advertising plan to attract clients sustainably, providing you with non-stop and steady growth.


Unleashed the Power of Having a More Motivated Team

You will learn how to solve motivation problems in your team and how to have your team do extraordinary things, even if they are ordinary people.


Learned How to Create Products with Wow Effect

You will learn how to use idea download, manifestation techniques, inspiration, and intuition to create products that stand out in your market segment.


Defined a Brand That Has Fans as Clients

You will learn how to help your clients with the power of love to solve their problems. They will be so happy that they will empower your brand to the next level.

But not only all the above, most notably...

Being a love achiever will help you be great by better loving yourself and loving other people around you as employees and clients, helping you be more abundant in love, relationships, and material items.

Being a love achiever will make you happier since you are making the world a better place, and your employees will also be happier. Your clients will also be satisfied since they know your brand cares for them.

Being a love achiever will make you and your employees freer. You will be free from the chains of the ego construct, unleashing the power of your divine spirit.


You will receive in your email inbox a lesson every day.

You will have the “Taking Action” section with detailed steps for putting into practice the topics of each lesson.

Introduction to the content of the coaching program, explanation of the power of love, the role of the love achiever master, the love achiever beliefs, and the rituals you can use to power you and your company to the next level.

  • Introduction
  • Love Powers You
  • What Is a Digital Company?
  • Spirituality
  • Making Sense of Business
  • Love Achiever Digital Companies
    • Client Onboarding
    • Digital Creation
    • Client Growth
  • Core Values & Beliefs
  • Rituals
    • Daily Journal
    • Idea Download
    • Visualize Creation
    • Daily Journey Walk
    • Food & Drink
    • Client Onboarding Meeting
    • Client Growth
    • Early Access
    • The Kickoff
  • Love Achiever Master

The law of attraction, the law of no resistance, the law of assumption, and the explanation of numerology.

  • Introduction
  • Law of Attraction
  • Feeling Unfortunate
  • Everything is Connected
  • Body, Soul, Spirit, and Mind
  • Negative Feelings Matters
  • Start a New Beginning
  • Client Attraction
  • Idea Download
  • Law of No Resistance
  • Willpower
  • Dreams and Desires
  • Move With the Flow
  • Mind
  • New Flowing
  • Law of Assumption
  • Past, Present, and Future
  • The Power of Now
  • Stop Planning
  • Visualize in the Now
  • Assumptions & Clients
  • Numerology
    • Life Path Number
    • Positive and Negative Traits
    • Personal Month Number
  • Taking Action
    • Connect With Your Higher Self
    • Idea Download
    • Manifest
    • The Power of Now
    • Numerology Calculation

Timing, new era, care about people, the flow, energy alchemy, spiritual intelligence, and manifestation techniques.

  • Introduction
  • Timing
  • Planning
  • Time Tracking
  • Divine Timing
  • New Era, the Age of Aquarius
  • Care About People
  • The Flow
  • Duality
  • Unexpected Events
  • You Can’t Be Wrong with the Flow
  • When Things Are Done, Things Are Done
  • Do What the Universe Knows That You Will Love
  • Energy Alchemy
    • Lightworkers
    • Types of Energies
    • Raise Energy
    • Mind & Heart Healing
  • Spiritual Intelligence
    • Intuition
    • Spirit Guides
  • Fighting and Doing Too Much
  • Presence in the Now
  • Manifest
  • Ask in the Now
  • Ask With the Heart
  • Manifest Ritual
  • Signs Your Manifestation is Near
  • Taking Action
    • No Planning
    • Do What the Divine Dreams for You
    • Recharge You When Down
    • Spiritual Intelligence Decisions

Ego origin, the ego conscience, being and mind, stillness, the power of now, negativity removal, surrender of the soul, ego death, unconditional love, and energy body.

  • Ego Origin
  • Ego Conscience
    • Fear
    • Judgments
    • Control
    • Power & Money
    • Fight
    • The Need to Be Right
    • Competition
    • Reaction to Feelings
    • Future Happiness
  • I Am My Mind
  • Stillness
  • The Power of Now
  • Use the Mind as a Tool
  • Doing and Being
  • Negativity Removal
  • Surrender
  • Conditional Love
  • Unconditional Love
  • Ego Death
  • Completeness of the Soul
  • Meditation & Energy Body
  • Another Conscience is Possible, The Heart
  • Taking Action
    • Judgments Awareness
    • Fear Awareness
    • Reaction to Emotions Awareness
    • Power Awareness
    • Stillness

Light and darkness, characteristics of the heart-based conscience, moving from ego conscience to heart-based conscience, love yourself, forgiveness, the power of compassionate love, overcoming duality, and healing.

  • Light & Darkness
  • Heart Conscience
    • No Judgments
    • Enough Money to be Happy Now
    • Living for Now
    • Connected with Everything
    • Create Through Intuition
    • No Willpower, Surrender to The Flow
    • Being and Doing
    • No Control Over Other People
    • Love Powers You
    • Fearless
    • We Are All One
    • Believe in the Abundance of the Universe
    • Light Alchemists
    • Possessions With Your Heart
  • Moving From Ego to the Heart
  • Love Yourself
  • Forgiveness
  • The Power of Compassionate Love
  • Overcoming Duality
  • Healing
  • Taking Action
    • Judgment Healing
    • Fears Healing
    • Self-Love
    • Check Your Heart Climb Journey
    • Observer of the Mind
    • Compassionate Love
    • Heart Healing

Believers, collective subconscious mind, manifestation, believer strategy, business old structure, productivity, controlling people, branding, mission statement, unique selling proposition, decentralization, awareness evangelists, growth coaches, companies of circles, minimum viable product (MVP), effectiveness and quality, and business love.

  • Believers
  • Believe in the Power of the Universe
  • What is a Believer?
  • Collective Subconscious Mind
  • Manifestation
  • Believer Strategy
  • Build Funnel and Online Material
  • Business Old Structure
  • Productivity
  • Controlling People
  • Alpha & Beta Schemes
  • Branding
    • Creation Story
    • Icons
    • The Creed
    • The Leader
    • Rituals
    • Mission
    • Tag Line
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Decentralization
  • Awareness Evangelists
  • Growth Coaches
  • Small is Better
  • How to Scale
  • Death by Features
  • Decentralization of Power
  • Companies of Circles
    • Starting By You
    • Company Stock
    • Big Dreams & Small Leverage
    • No Titles
    • Structure
    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    • Reaching Profits
    • Effectiveness and Quality
  • Business Love
  • Taking Action
    • Identify The Market Need
    • Define Your Branding
    • Founders
    • Minimum Viable Product
    • Content Creation and Strategy on Believers
    • Manifestation

Client onboarding, awareness evangelists, social media ads, social media promotion, creating an affiliate network, sale funnels, webinars, SEO, journeys and processes, digital creation, inspiration, design, creation and release, digital creation journeys and processes, client growth, growth coaches, help site, helping clients, and processes and journeys for client growth.

  • Introduction
  • Client Onboarding
    • Awareness Evangelists
    • Social Media Ads
    • Social Media
    • Affiliate Network
    • Sale Funnels
    • Webinars
    • SEO
    • Journeys
  • Digital Creation
    • Inspiration
    • Design
    • Creation
    • Release
    • Journeys
  • Client Growth
    • Growth Coaches
    • Help Site
    • Helping Clients
    • Journeys
  • Taking Action
    • Idea Download
    • New Believers
    • MVP Definition
    • Creating Your Product
    • Team Testing
    • Believers Testing
    • Define Client Onboarding
    • Client Onboarding Meeting
    • Define Client Growth
    • Incident Submission
    • Public Release
    • Find Evangelists
    • Early Adopters
    • Create New Release
    • Client Talk Meeting


As a bonus, you will have access to an Airtable template that will create a base in your workspace with tables to manage the sales operations, digital creation, and client help.

You will receive an email with a step-by-step explanation video on how to use the resource after Day 7 has been sent on the 8th day.

You will have access to tables and boards for campaigns, content, features, files, funnels, incidents, keywords, needs, releases, and themes.

You will also have access to forms that will populate data into your tables.



A step-by-step plan to structure your digital company

You will understand how to apply the millennial laws of the universe to help you create a better company that better serves your clients in solving their problems.


Unleash the power of love

You will learn how to be free from the ego construct to embrace the heart-based conscience and benefit you, your employees, and your clients by being more abundant, happy, and free.


A step-by-step plan to operate your digital company for success

You will learn how to have a sales affiliate network, SEO plan, social media plan, and advertising plan to attract clients sustainably, providing you with non-stop and steady growth.



Q & A

Burning questions your fellow love achievers asked before enrolling.

You don’t need prior experience in creating companies. The content is designed with the new creator in mind. I cover all aspects of creating a company so you can start from scratch.
The 7-day program is everything you need to get up and running executing your digital company. You will have access to “Ask Jorge” meeting sessions where all your questions will be answered. You will receive an email when those sessions are available through your email inbox once you complete the coaching program.
Yes, the coaching program is for you. You can apply a company-building range as you grow and need a funnel of clients. You will benefit from inspiration by using spiritual technology to connect with the universe and unleash the power of love for your creation.


You will obtain the certificate needed to be a Love Achiever Master (LAM), with the knowledge necessary to integrate love achiever methodologies into digital companies.


Not satisfied with the 7-day coaching program?

No problem.

You can request a 30-day money-back any time, no questions asked.

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