Companies of Circles

Companies that follow the “Love Achiever” methodology are based on collaboration instead of management levels. We don’t recommend having a board of directors, managers, or leaders that organize work. We are a circle, where everyone is responsible to contribute to the company’s success in helping their clients. Everyone is at the same level. We don’t have titles, since we believe titles relate to ownership and to the ego kind of conscience. We all have the same title, “a great team player”.

People in our company structure work in the flow, which means they are very motivated to provide value through the work they do. We believe that, as long as everybody is in the flow, the company will be at its peak of efficiency and productivity. We believe in divine timing for publishing your software releases. Everything will be ready when is ready. We don’t push release dates.

When you create your company, your role would be to create a minimum viable product (MVP), as well as start building a circle of people. We recommend each circle is a team of 12 people maximum. The reason is that is easy to interact and share great moments with 12 people. Our companies are family-like companies, sharing food and drink moments, sharing lovely moments so the teams are very united. The most powerful force in the universe is love. By handling the emotions of your team, your team will provide exceptional value to your company and your clients.

Our company’s growth is not driven by VC capital. We believe in steady growth that comes from the high quality of your product and a good chanel of client onboarding. We don’t believe in explosive growth. Our companies are very effective and have great operative efficiencies using technology to provide the methods needed to have that operative quality.

A founder would bootstrap the MVP release in 3 or 4 months, then start getting new clients to have break-even in another 3 or 4 months. From there on, growth will allow more people into the company circle.

We use sacred geometry to scale up the companies, where you would make sure small teams are forming those circles, but they all share common aspects of the company.

The objective of the “Love Achiever” companies is not to have income, but to care for and help clients in solving their problems. We really care for them, and they compensate us in return and we have a happy and abundant life. What moves us is the client’s growth using our products and services.

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