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About Me

I was born in Madrid in 1968. I graduated from The University Of Kansas in 1995 majoring Aerospace Engineering. This education gave me a big step towards innovation, which later on evolved into software engineering. I was a member of Dr Roskam’s team that won NASA’s AGAPE competition award. When came back to Spain, I worked as architect, analyst and developer for Spanish corporations like Indra, BBVA, Banco Santander.

As entrepreneur, in 1998 I founded Buscaplus, a SaaS Internet search engine crawling millions of web pages in Spanish.

Then in 2012 I decided to get involved as software engineer in SaaS startups as self contractor, since my purpose was better aligned with software startups than big corporations.

I have been working in different companies during last 7 years to gain great insights into the problems of SaaS companies and how to solve them. Then, in 2016, a big life event happened in my life and changed everything again. I decided to enhance more my purpose and focus not on helping one particular company, but helping many others to achieve more.

I love building amazing products and helping others to achieve that goal. I am passionate about systems, processes and procedures. I love to create these structural modules in a company so everything works like a clock.


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